Presidents of the Club

    This club was founded by, and is ran by Jeff King and Brad Gigliotti. All decisions made regarding the club and its members will be made by the aforementioned people. These decisions include but are not limited to:
    • New Memberships
    • Group Changes
    • Special Awards

    If you have any questions or conerns about the club, please contact one of these people from the Member List.

To Become A Member

    If you have a 1992-1996 Dodge Dakota and would like to be considered for a BAG2C Membership, please send pictures and information about your truck and it's problems to Your application will be reviewed and a decision will be made. Factors that will be looked at are the severity of the breakage, the duration of time the truck has been broken, the owners ability and desire to repair the truck, and overall appearance (ie. missing body panels, leaves in the cowl, tires no longer in production). You will be notified of your acceptance to the club and will be welcomed as one of the elite.

    Please note that any truck that is broke due to 10 year old stock parts will NOT be accepted into the club.


    Although all trucks must be broken in order to be accepted into the BAG2C, after you are a member there are four groups that you could be placed into depending on the state of the truck:

      BAG2 (Broke Ass Gen 2): For all Gen2 Dakotas that do not run or drive. This is the group that started it all and will most likely remain the most popular group to be in.

      RAG2 (Running Again Gen 2): This group is for members who have beat the odds and have gotten their trucks to run and drive. To be elgigable for this group your truck must not only be able to start at a moments notice, but also be registered and legal to take out onto the road. (ie. if the engine starts but the bed, rear axle, or other major component are missing or do not work) If you truck resides as a RAG2 for an extended period of time, it will be taken under investigation by the presidents for a possible expulsion from the BAG2C. Remember, the club is for BROKE trucks. If they run and drive they will be treated like they are on probation.

      FAG2 (Fast Ass Gen 2): For the select members who have not only gotten their trucks to run and drive, but can also run very respectable numbers. All numbers must be documented via timeslip or video and the presidents of the club will decide if the truck is fast enough to be considered a FAG2.

      WannaBAGs: This group is for people who have Broke Ass Dakotas but are not a Gen 2 Dakota and therefore can never be a BAG2 Member. However, we sympathize with them and have given them a group so they can still be part of the Broke Ass Family.

Trucks That Run

    Any BAG2 Members truck that has been reported or seen driving will be taken very seriously. Owners are to notify one of the club presidents immediatly after the truck starts or moves. The truck's current Group will then be evaluated and the BAG2 membership will be brought into question. Running trucks will be given a 2 month probation period where they must show evidence of parts failure or have documented at least 2 repairs which have parked the truck for at least 5 days total.